Pictures and posters from live shows! 



Poster from Berlin show. May 2012. 


Luzern, Switzerland. April 2012. 


Bern, Switzerland. April 2012. 


 Mosbach, Germany. April 2012.


Basel, Switzerlnd. April 2012.


 Poster from the Leeds show.


Gem Andrews. Photo by Jill O'Donnell. 


Banjo's + geetars.. Photo by Chris Hillman. 


Gem Andrews. Photo by Gabriel Minnikin. 


Autoharp + apples... Photo by Chris Hillman. 


Gabriel Minnikin on autoharp... Photo by Chris Hillman. 


Country gadgets... Photo by Chris Hillman. 


King of cool -Chris Hillman! Photo by Gabriel Minnikin. 


Sweet inspiration! Photo by Gem Andrews. 


Susanne Lambert -wonder drummer! Photo by Gem Andrews. 


 Susanne Lambert (drums) + Nicky Rushton (keys) Photo by Gem Andrews.


Recording notes! Photo by Gem Andrews. 


Recording with Gabriel Minnikin and Chris Hillman. Photo by David Wala. 



Photo by David Wala.


House Show with Rae Spoon + Lianne Hall.   

Photo by Chris Trew.


 Photo by Chris Trew.


Photo by Chris Trew.