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Gem Andrews is a singer-songwriter born in Liverpool and raised on Country.

New record Vancouver is a dark and melodious meditation on the forces pushing us from home and pulling us back.

With a new confidence, control and maturity, guided by North East troubadour Martin Stephenson, Gem and her heartrending tones take us with her on many journeys; across countries, continents and oceans, seamlessly blending the shifting landscapes with the movements of her heart.

Vancouver's poignant lyrics are wrapped in delicate harmonies and uplifted by a skillful and intuitive eight-piece band. The album is deeply rooted in alt-country, with Gem's fiercely independent voice carrying inflections of Patsy Cline, Lucinda Williams and Kate & Anna McGarrigle.


Vancouver is distributed June 15th 2015 on Market Square Records via Proper Music Distribution




* Vancouver was mixed, mastered and produced by Martin Stephenson. Vancouver was recorded at Skip Studios in Darlington, UK. Musicians on the record: Nicky Rushton, Sarah van Jellie, Sue McLaren, Bernard Wright, Gabriel Minnikin, Martin Stephenson, Colin Mee. Album art by Lucy Hammond. Other photos by David Wala.

  Album design by Lucy Hammond.