Gem  Andrews is  a  singer  songwriter  based  in  Newcastle upon   Tyne.  Her  self-­released  debut  album  was  released in  August  last year  and  was  received  with  much  critical acclaim.

The  collection  pays  homage  to  Kate  &  Anna  McGarrigle, Lucinda  Williams,  Jess  Klein  and   Jolie  Holland.  A  live  performance  of  this album  was  recently  aired  on  the  BBC Newcastle's  Introducing show.

Gem  returned  from  Vancouver  a  few  months  before  recording  'Scatter'  where  she   spent  six  months  writing  and  performing new  material.
In 2013 Gem was invited to showcase at Toronto's esteemed showcase North by North East alongside Calexico.

Gem  also  founded  and  directed  the  Muma  Moonshine  Festival, which  has  taken   place  in  Durham,  UK  for  the  past  five  years and  actively  supports  independent,  queer  and  LGBT  musicians and  artists. 

In her spare time, Gem teaches ukulele, guitar and saxophone. 

'Gem  has  supported  us  quite  a  few  times  now,  and  we're becoming  huge  fans  of  her   music!  She's  a  songwriter  that captures  your  imagination  and  a  performer  that   makes  you  sit  up  in  your  chair.  She's  going  from  strength  to strength'   -- Stacey Earle
'Lush  arrangements  and  good  songs  from  Liverpudlian  singer‐songwriter'   ---The  Americana  UK
'Gem  Andrews is  an  engaging  country  singer,  she  managed to  silence  a  rowdy   audience  with  a  beautiful  and  haunting performance.  A  must  see'  ---Liverpool  Public  Reviews